Dear Sir or Madam,  

There is growing demand among many of you to invest in larger plant modernizations – around half of the over 650 automotive paint shops worldwide being more than 20 years old. Even in China, an increasing number of plants require upgrading. We will support you as an experienced partner, and we have already demonstrated our expertise in many – and sometimes very demanding – projects.

Modernization investments usually have short payback times, since they lead to a considerable increase in productivity. We are specifically developing new products with measurable efficiency gains and short payback times, which make a valuable contribution towards this increase.

In 2008 brownfield projects only accounted for 15 percent of our paint systems business; by 2015 this figure had gone up to 35 percent. We have responded to the growing demand for modernizations and expanded our service sites and capacities. This way, we can offer you the best support possible.

Best wishes

Ralf W. Dieter
CEO of Dürr AG