Dear Readers,

New vehicle concepts (EVs, PHEVs, PEVs and driverless cars) will considerably change vehicle production, and particularly final assembly, in the long term. Greater flexibility enables faster adaptations of existing lines.

Box concepts and cellular manufacturing stand in contrast to the conventional line structure. Thanks to their greater ability to adapt, they provide options for highly automated assembly.

These approaches also have an effect on the choice of conveyor systems, where stations are connected by driverless, highly dynamic transport systems.

New OEMs enter the market with innovative concepts and ideas. We are currently implementing an assembly plant with a high level of automation while reducing the number of stations and ensuring optimum use of space for a large US manufacturer of EVs.

We are also in close dialog with several OEMs to develop solutions for different needs.

Dürr has many years of experience and know-how to design the assembly lines of tomorrow and beyond. Together with you, our customers, we can unleash the considerable efficiency potential in this area.

Best wishes

Ralf W. Dieter

CEO of Dürr AG