Dear Readers,

“Striving for Excellence in Safety” is the Dürr group’s principle for health and safety – a topic that is very important to me personally. All our employees and business partners should head home safe and sound after work. This is not just about meeting legal obligations: it is a moral imperative.

We set high standards for health and safety for our group companies in their offices, operating areas and production facilities, and on our construction sites. We have health and safety manager at all levels of the company who are continually working together with a cross-functional team to improve  safe working processes and analyse causes of accidents. We have uniformly extended our reporting system on a group-wide basis.

All accidents, and since 2017 also all near-misses (incidents that did not result in injury), are reported at once by the responsible site health and safety manager, and any necessary immediate measures introduced. Regular safety audits, training for our employees, and preventative equipment maintenance all form part of everyday practice in our business. We have also intensified our internal communications, in order to sharpen employee awareness of occupational safety issues.

We reduced our accident rate per 1,000 employees in Germany in 2017 by comparison with the previous year. With our result of 12.9 we are two thirds below the average in the wood and metal industry. We consider it essential to continue this trend, as even one accident is one too many. From next year, we will be reporting on group-wide characteristics.

We expect that our suppliers and contractual partners will meet with the same safety standards that we hold ourselves to. Dürr's supplier evaluation therefore now gives added weight to health and safety. Please stay healthy!

Best wishes
Ralf W. Dieter
CEO of Dürr AG